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Nat Duca

ICQ: 1865665

Project Motivation: I have a bunch of hobbies - one of which is the NetRadar project. This project grabbed and held my interest for several reasons: first, at any given instant, the number of people who depend on the Internet is mind boggling, and second, the complete lack of information that we have about how this machine actually operates is distressingly small.

Most networking experts that the Internet cannot be fully mapped or even understood. I agree emphatically with this statement - the Internet cannot be "mapped". I would go so far as to add a footnote that if it ever were possible, its becoming less so as security systems (firewalls, etc) become more and more prevalent. However, while I agree that you cannot map the "classical Internet," a given machine can get a pretty good idea of how it connects to other parts of the network. NetRadar builds upon the belief that these localized maps are of valid, and practical use for networking professionals.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or the usual. I'm always interested in what people have to say.

My Background: I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, but I live in Baltimore, Maryland, where I'm a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University where I auspiciously study Computer Science. For more of my research interests & stuff like that, visit my homepage,


NetRadar: Your Internet Spyglass.